OnBook is a solution that can guarantee safety in the school environment for both students and teachers, as well as creating a responsible environment at home when using the digital backpack model. Outside of school hours, the student can use the tablet with the limitations set by the parents. During school hours, the student uses the tablet with the limitations established by the school.

Designed and made exclusively for the educational sector, with eight factory integrated tools that ensure the best and optimal operation for Android tablets.


Home Menu

The boot system helps to achieve the security and privacy that students need in a school environment. It consists of a home menu with three users: parents, students and teachers, which allows the use of the device by any of them. The device is regulated by the school’s calendar and schedule. Outside school hours, the student can use the device according to the settings established by the ICT administrator.

Apps Manager

The most outstanding and valuable function for the ICT administrators is the remote installation of applications from the Dashboard, which can be carried out across the whole school, a group or a even just a single tablet, without having to handle them individually and saving many hours of work. This system prevents the installation and uninstallation of applications by the student. The ICT administrator manages a white list of applications, that will be the only ones allowed to be used in the school. Parents who have access to install applications that they want, but these will not be available during school hours.

Device Manager

This MDM (tablet manager) has been developed exclusively for the education sector. It allows the management of all the OnBook tablets in a school community, regardless of the number of students to be managed and supervised. The system also allows for the configuration of rules and regulations for usage from a Dashboard or control panel, accessible from a web browser. There is a hierarchy of users, from the teacher or tutor upwards, to the head of an entire educational community that can integrate thousands of schools.  The system can also work offline, that is, without Internet coverage from OnCAP.

Anti-theft Geoschool

This also has a built-in location system using IP and GPS against the theft or loss of a device, which includes remote blocking. This function can be managed from the Dashboard and can only be managed by the ICT administrator. Thanks to this function it is possible to visualise graphically on a map the physical location of an OnBook tablet, allowing for the blocking of the device.

Classroom Manager

Teachers can use this very complete system easily and intuitively from any Windows laptop. It has no limit to the number of users or user licenses. It allows the usage of all teachers, regardless of their level of computer skill. It is as easy to use as a TV remote control and includes a feature to share files with students without using Internet coverage. The Classroom Manager license is subject to the lifetime of the physical tablets. The system includes a function in order to be able to share files with the students without the need for internet connectivity.

Internet Content Filter – School Mode

It can also protect students in any situation at any time of the day. OnBook allows the school to choose which web pages, words or phrases to block, making it a very effective tool to supervise and monitor navigation. The filter is easy to set up and manage from the Dashboard. Some schools have of hardware-type content filter, and in this case and to avoid any interference, the OnBook content filter can be easily deactivated from the teacher’s Classroom Management tool.

Classroom Manager of the Student

Included in OnBook, is the best tool for receiving files and interacting with the teacher during classes, without the need for any Internet connection. The student can also receive and sends files of any type to the teacher. It has a bar of favourite web pages to facilitate access to certain content, when Internet is available. The student does not decide if he/she wants to connect or join the teacher’s session, it is only the teacher who decides.

Parental Control – Home Mode

Since it arrives pre-installed, minors cannot uninstall OnBook. Parents can define the most appropriate level of security for their children in the family environment, and without this interfering with any work done at school. The configuration set by the parents is saved in the Cloud and can never be lost. Without OnBook Parental Control, parents could take the responsibility for wanting to install a parental control generically available in the market, in order to protect their children, but this would certainly cause interference and difficulties for usage within the school.

Valor añadido


It is the perfect solution to start a project based on Android with digital schoolbags.


Our experience with schools over the last ten years has shown as just how essential it is to be there when needed. OnBook isn’t just a software product, but a solution which includes services: technical support, ICT consulting, updates, implementation training and project follow-up.


OnBook software is integrated during the Android tablet´s manufacturing process. OnBook is protected and the students can’t uninstall it


It is an innovative and decisive product, which adapts to all the organisational models that coexist in the schools, applying different usage policies at each educational level. It allows to evolve according to the degree of maturity of the students, for example, some students after class could surf the web freely while others are protected by the Internet filter.

Without a doubt, the perfect complement to education based on tablets Android.

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